Canopy of Darkness

In the very remote jungle of central Papua New Guinea live the Hewa tribal people.


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What people are saying about Canopy of Darkness;

“Engage in this captivating journey of unraveling a world view that is steeped in fear, vengeance and murder, fraught with challenges but where the relationships developed grip your heart and emotions.   I highly recommend Jonathan’s transparent account…”
Larry Brown, NTM USA Chairman

“Be warned– this book will rouse you to pray, encourage you to rejoice, and deprive you of sleep!”  Pastor John Underhill, Spokane

“The story of the Kopf and Copley families and what they endured, the constant tension they lived with, and sacrifices they made will rivet you.”  Pastor Brad Buser, San Diego

“Jonathan Kopf lets us experience the sights, smells, and realities of primitive missions.”  Dr. Jim Bull, Phoenix

In the very remote jungle of central Papua New Guinea live the Hewa tribal people.  The life of the Hewa includes murderous raids, payback killings and fearful superstitions rising from terror of jungle spirits.  Helpless to defend themselves from continual violence, sickness, and death, they hear about pale faced foreigners who may be able to help them.  They send frequent requests asking for help, only to be told there is no one available to live with them. Finally help arrived, but it was not what they had expected. The story is full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless and hungry for more.
Jonathan and Susan Kopf have lived in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea since 2000. They spent several years learning the language and culture of the remote Hewa and have now devoted their lives to translating the New Testament into their language, teaching them the message of the Bible, and assisting them in their struggle for survival in a changing world. Though the names of some of the people have been altered, the book is based on actual events that have been witnessed by the author or told to him by the native people.

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